We are a business dedicated to the development of protections for new cars in their transport process from the assembly plant to its final destination.


The automotive industry spends millions of dollars each year to repair the damages related to the transport and storage of new cars from the assembly plant to the consumer. During this process the car may suffer small scratches, stains or bumps, some of these problems are almost inevitable during transportation.

The wheel discs and drums get exposed to the elements, leaving them with formations of oxide. This makes the car to look old and used.

In the research and development labs of Suministro Express, we create state-of-the-art products with cutting edge technology. Once patented, we launch these products to the market in order to protect the new cars that are being shipped to the consumer around the world.


If there are different types of packaging for products such as stereos, radios, televisions. Where we can observe that even the remote control has a special package to protect it against possible damage during the transportation period to reach the final client, a simple question arises:

Knowing that the car is more exposed during transportation and of higher value, why wouldn’t protect it?


In Suministro Express we have developed a standard that allows us to work with every car model in the market. This is due to the fact that we create each part and model individualized for its use.

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