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This cap avoids the corrosion of the break system. It is made to be flexible and at the same time to be able to withstand high temperatures and wind. The protection is easily fitted in a matter of seconds; we usually place these protections in the assembly lines.


During the transportation process, new cars often get stained interiors, which leads to increased expenditures.
The use of our simple yet finely crafted protections, reduces this costs to a minimum.

- Gearshifts
- Hand breaks
- Plastic pieces
- Covers
- Steering Wheel
- Seats
- Carpet


At a minimal cost, this type of protection prevents small but costly damage from happening. Some of these products are:
- Mirror bags
- Pedals
- Frames
- Door edges
- Bumpers


We put each material to the most extraneous tests in order to go above and beyond with the quality of our products when exposed to real conditions. We are not only evaluated by our own standards.

Some of our clients do their own quality tests; namely VW in Mexico and Germany.

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